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Realistic reverb plugin based on physics.
Fast and lightweight.

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What is it?

ARVerb Room is a reverb plugin that uses new physics-based modeling to achieve immersive spatialization, transient preservation and consistent sound.

Besides giving life to a single instrument, ARVerb Room may be used to glue multiple tracks by making them sound like they're in the same space, while maintaining good track separation. The space-saving minimal user interface only has a handful of musical controls, making the algorithm easy to set up.

ARVerb Room does not require iLok, subscriptions, user accounts, or internet access. The demo is fully functional during the evaluation period.

Key features

Multiple source locations

Each source location produces a unique reverb pattern. Placing the different tracks at different locations in the same room helps creating a cohesive whole with good track separation.

Three room algorithms

The "small room" model is a fast-building reverb with the typical coloration of small space ambiances. The "large room" model does the opposite: slow, deep, and dense reverb with slight echo. And there's a third model in between.

Low-end bypass control

Low frequency phase changes contribute a lot to the perception of space, but they are not always desirable (e.g., for mono compatibility or if the low-end already uses specific processing). The bass bypass control allows you to smoothly skip any processing of the low-end.

True stereo spatialization

The stereo-in, stereo-out processing is designed to create an accurate spatial image from stereo tracks or to add life to mono tracks.

Automatic level and delay compensation

The output level stays the same as the input level. Similarly, all delays match room characteristics and source distance.

Copy & paste presets as text

This makes it possible to quickly copy and paste your settings to your personal notes, or to share them instantly.

Lightweight and fast

No bells and whistles. Minimal interface that doesn't waste any screen space. The plugin size is few MBs only and it consumes less than 4% CPU on a 13 year old Mac Mini.

Example sounds

Guitar Small Room preset
Guitar Medium Room preset
Guitar Large Room preset
Guitar dry (unprocessed)
Saxophone Small Room preset
Saxophone Medium Room preset
Saxophone Large Room preset
Saxophone dry (unprocessed)
Mix Small Room L/R presets
Mix dry (unprocessed)
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Tracks are excerpts from Bolz & Knecht music, recorded and published by Mike Senior. Visit their sites to learn about their work.


ARVerb Room is free and fully functional during a 30-day evaluation period.

Version 1.5.7 — 27 Nov, 2023 (see the change log):

Use of ARVerb Room is subject to the license agreement included in it. After the evaluation period, purchasing a license key is required to continue using ARVerb Room.

System requirements

Requirements macOS Windows
OS version 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer 7 (64-bit only) or newer
Processor architecture Apple silicon or Intel Intel
Host capability AU, VST, VST3, AAX VST, VST3, AAX

The plugins are tested as much as possible, but we can't cover all versions of all DAWs. Try yours, that's the purpose of the 30-day evaluation period. Let us know if your DAW isn't properly supported!

Purchase a license key

After a successful payment, a 16-character license key will be sent to you by email. It is valid for all ARVerb Room versions, which includes upgrades. Open the plugin window, enter your email address and the license key, click on the "Activate" button, and voilĂ !

40 EUR 25 EUR

Your email address will be used only once to send you the license key. No account is needed. See our privacy policy.

Refund policy: ARVerb Room is freely downloadable and fully functional during a 30-day evaluation period. You should use the evaluation period to make sure that ARVerb Room meets your needs. Once ARVerb Room is activated, you're not eligible for a refund.

If you encounter any technical problem during the activation process, or need us to resend the license key, contact

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